Popular Constellations and their visibility from the U.K.
Andromeda (Princess)     Chained to a rock as a sacrifice to Cetus. Rescued by Perseus.Excellent choice for your girlfriend, wife or daughter. Visible: All Year
Antlia (Air Pump)     Named in honour of the inventor of the Air Pump - ideal for scientists, innovators or entrepreneurs. Visible: February - March
Aquila (Eagle)     The magnificent eagle, said to represent the god of all gods, Zeus. The epitome of grace & elegance. Good choice for someone you admire. Visible: June - December
Auriga (Charioteer)     Represents Ericthonius, one of the original kings of Athens & a master charioteer - suitable for clever, racing types. Visible: All Year
Boötes (Bear Driver)     Represents Arcas, son of Zeus & Callisto. Easily spotted as it contains Arcturus, second brightest star in the northern sky. A fascinating constellation with a wonderful story. Visible: February - October
Camelopardalis (Giraffe)     In biblical times, led the wedding procession of Rebecca to her sweetheart, Isaac. Also known as the reindeer, which is rather a sweet Xmas choice. Perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries and Christmas. Visible: All Year
Canis Major (Greater Dog)     Contains Sirius, the brightest star in the entire sky - ideal for dog or animal lovers. Visible: December - April
Canis Minor (Lesser Dog)     Rises in the sky just before his big brother, Sirius - great for children, dog or animal lovers. Visible: December - May
Canis Venatici (Hunting Dogs)     Based on the myth of Arcas who was the son of Zeus and Castillo. A fascinating constellation containing an elegant whirlpool galaxy. Visible: All Year
Cassiopeia (Queen)     The Beautiful and devoted wife of King Cepheus and adoring mother of Andromeda. A wonderful constellation that is ideal for mothers, wives and grandmothers and suitable for all occasions. Visible: All Year
Cepheus (King of Ethiopia)     Ruler of Jopa (Ethiopia) with Queen Cassiopeia. A good caring and caring man. Ideal for husbands, boyfriends, grandfathers. Visible: All Year
Cetus (Whale)     The largest & most majestic mammal on earth, who ruled the ancient seas - ideal for wildlife lovers. Visible: September - February
Columba (Dove)     Represents the dove that Noah sent out to test whether the waters from the great flood had receded. A new beginning - ideal for births & christenings. Visible: January - February
Crater (Cup)     Apollo asked Corvus the crow to get some water from a spring. Today we ask the person for a beer. Great choice for your partygoer. Visible: February - June
Cygnus (Swan)     A wonderful constellation with many mythological stories. A peaceful serene creature. Ideal for christenings and memorials. Visible: All Year
Delphinus (Dolphin)     Based upon Arion, one of the greatest musicians in Greece. Visible all year and great for the musical type.
Draco (Dragon)     The dragon slain by Hercules according to one myth. One of the most popular characters in Greek mythology. For the powerful dominant person. Visible: All Year
Equuilius (Foal)     A lovely little constellation with some fascinating features. It's meaning is great for young children.
Eridanus (River)     Ideal for Star Trek & science fiction enthusiasts. Contains "Epsilon Eri", the star which the planet Vulcan supposedly revolves around. Visible: November - February
Fornax (Furnace)     Fornax was invented by Lacaille whilst at the Cape of Good Hope. Great for the hot-bloodied type. Visible: August - November
Hercules (Hero)     Greek hero renowned for completing the twelve tasks. Without doubt the most famous the Greek heroes. Perfect for your husband, boyfriend, Fathers day and all other occasions. Visible: March - November
Hydra (Water Snake)     Largest constellation in the sky! Immortalised after the legendary battles with Hercules. A lady that possessed awesome powers. A definite choice for the woman in your life. Visible: January - June
Lacerta (Lizard)     Slightly mystical - contains the BL Lac object, thought by many to be a quasar...perhaps! Ideal for the silent, thoughtful & mystical type. Visible: All Year
Lepus (Hare)     Appropriate for the amateur astronomer - site of British astronomer J.R Hind's "Crimson star". Visible: December - April
Lupus (Wolf)     This constellation seems to have been an unidentified animal, with Centaurus possibly offering this animal as a sacrifice. Very mysterious! Visible: June - August
Lynx (Lynx)     The spotted wild cat was seen as a god in Egyptian mythology - ideal for outgoing, fun-loving teenagers. Visible: All Year
Lyra (Lyre)     Represents the instrument given by Apollo to the great musician, Orpheus. A marvellous constellation for the artistic type. Visible: All Year
Monoceros (Unicorn)     Refers to the unicorn, a wonderfully fascinating creature with alleged magical powers. Ideal for animal lovers. Visible: December - April
Ophiuchus (Serpent Bearer)     Represents the first & greatest doctor, Aesculapius, skilled in conventional & herbal medicine. Ideal for the caring and loving person. Visible: April - July
Orion (Hunter)     The hunter who boasted he could kill any creature on Earth - fatally stung by a scorpion. A giant of a man in more ways than one. A very famous mythological character. Visible: November - April
Pegasus (Winged Horse)     The mythical creature born from the love of Neptune's tears. A beautiful creature. Ideal choice for the one you love. Visible: July - February
Perseus (Hero)     Heroically rescued & married Andromeda from the clutches of the sea monster, Cetus. Suitable for boyfriends and husbands. Visible: All Year
Puppis (The Stern)     Based upon the story of Jason and the Argonauts. As the name suggests it could be ideal for the stern serious type. Visible January - April
Sagitta (Arrow)     Appears to be an arrow shot from the neighbouring constellation of Hercules. A small but interesting constellation. Visible: July - November
Sculptor (Sculptor)     It translates into the sculptors workshop and is ideal for the handyman or DIY enthusiast. Visible: September - November
Scutum (Shield)     An interesting constellation containing the 'wild duck cluster'. As the name suggests it could be ideal for the guarded and cautious person. Visible: May - November
Serpens (Snake)     Cunning and wise the snake showed Ophiuchus how to give man eternal life. Ideal for the clever and intelligent. Visible: March - October
Tarandus (Reindeer)     See Camelopardalis (Giraffe).
Triangulum (Triangle)     Created by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagorus whose famous theory dealt with the triangle. Ideal for the methodical thinker. Visible: August - March
Ursa Major (Great Bear)     Also known as the 'plough' or the 'big dipper' it is by far the most famous of all the eighty eight constellations. Visible: All Year
Ursa Minor (Bear Cub)     One of the most famous constellations that represents the companion of Ursa Major 'the great bear'. Visible:All Year
Vulpecula (Fox)     Contains the LGM Pulsar, originally thought to be a sign of extra terrestrial life - ideal for the scientist or science fiction enthusiast. For your foxy lady! Visible: June - November
...of course, you can also choose one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac:
Dates constealltion represents                                                Visible from the U.K. on the dates below

Aquarius (Water Carrier)    January 21 - February 19         August - December
Aries (Ram)                            March 21 - April 20                     August - March
Cancer (Crab)                        June 22 - July 23                        December - June
Capricornus (Sea Goat)      December 23 - January 20       July - November
Gemini (Twins)                      May 21 - June 21                         November - June
Leo (Lion)                               July 24 - August 23                      December - August
Libra (Scales)                       September 24 - October 22       May - August
Pisces (Fish)                         February 20 - March 20               September - December
Sagittarius (Archer)            November 23 - December 22    July - September
Scorpius (Scorpion)            October 23 - November 22         June - August
Taurus (Bull)                          April 21 - May 20                            October - May
Virgo (Virgin)                         August 24 - September 23          April - July

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