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There are billions of stars in the sky above us. It’s a unique gift that allows you to give one of those stars a name. Naming a star is a symbolic, novelty gift idea. Our name a star service has been running since 1995. Name a star makes for the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, a christening, Valentines, and all other occasions where the giving of a gift is appropriate.

Is there someone you know who’s a real star? Why not name a star with us? We have a great range of name a star package options suitable for all budgets, including sets which feature frames and presentation gift boxes. We also have themed packs for Christmas, Valentines and christenings, and our classic packs are suitable for all occasions. Naming a star is a wonderful thing to do….

Why name a star with us? Well, because we offer name a star gifts personalised to each recipient, we offer professionally-finished printed certificates, and you don’t need to fill in and return a registration card. Naming a star is simple with us.

Why name a star with us?

Fully personalised Name a star gifts
No registration cards to fill in & return

Professionally printed full colour certificates
Name a star packs from only £9.99

Name A Star For Valentine’s Day

Why not take a look at Universal Star Listing today if you’re looking for outstanding Valentine’s Day gifts? Naming a star is an extremely romantic gesture, and we can even tailor your pack towards your exact needs, so why not talk to us today if you’re looking for a bespoke service? The weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day mark one of our busiest periods, and we’re the obvious choice for people looking to buy magical name a star packs up and down the country. Even if you don’t have a large budget, we can help. Maybe you’ve embarked on a new romance, or have an anniversary to mark? Whatever the case, we can help. 

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